Food and Nutrition

Our Centre employs an on-site, qualified cook who ensures a nutritionally balanced menu and freshly prepares all meals.

We cater for children with allergies and special dietary requirements, including children who suffer from Asthma or Anaphylaxis.

We provide a tailored menu of balanced, whole food and healthy options, prepared fresh onsite each day.

Outdoor Environment

We have a number of outdoor spaces in our Centre. Our Centre is designed with the child’s experience in mind and is optimised to encourage a love of movement, activity and play-based learning.

Our yards are designed to cater to the natural inquisitiveness and creativity of children, allowing them to freely explore and experience the outdoors in their own unique way.

Our Centre hosts a crafted formation of inspiring spaces for children, away from the adult world, where they can save the world, fight monsters, creatures or pirates, be their own superheroes and pretend play away.

We know only too well that children experience life through play, our outdoor environment plays host to an array of equipment specifically designed to fully enhance their learning experience through play.

Over and above, we seek to closely integrate community gardens, sustainable practices, natural materials and water and energy conservation programs – some of the ways in which we can contribute to building a better future for our children and our community.


On-site parking is available, free of charge, in our designated carpark.   There are multiple parking bays reserved for use by parents when visiting the Centre.

Free public street parking is also available at the front of the Centre.

Operating Hours

Our Centre is open Monday to Friday from 7:00am – 6:00pm, 52 weeks a year (excluding public holidays).